CAN-Lite 425(S) m³/h 150mm


CAN-Lite carbon filter, 425(S) m3/h, flange ∅ 150 mm. It’s a lighter version of the CAN filter with low weight and a lifespan of about 18 months. CAN-Lite odour filters are easy to install and highly reliable.

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Dette filteret kan brukes med 150mm slange.
Lengde: 35cm


The CAN-Lite odour filters are a lightweight line of filters by CAN Filters, a brand specialising in removing unpleasant odours from the air using activated charcoal. The defining characteristic of these filters is their low weight, caused by the special lightweight charcoal (1l of the activated carbon weighs 260g) and their compact size.

The lifespan of the filters is approximately 18 months, depending on the surrounding environment. A dusty or humid environment can lower the lifespan of the filter.

The grain size and high porosity of the activated carbon allow the air to flow evenly through the filter and absorb more than 99% of unwanted odours.

The operating temperature of the filtered air is 10°C – 80°C, and the humidity should be between 0 and 80%.

The filter includes a dust pre-filter made from a special filtration fabric. We recommend vacuuming it regularly to remove the large dust and dirt particles.



Material: Steel

Length: 35 cm

Weight: 4 kg

Carbon Weight: 1.9 kg

Diameter: 20 cm

Carbon Bed: 2.5cm

Carbon Type: Lite

Technical Capacity: 476 m3/h

Practical Capacity: 425 m3/h

Flange: 150

Vekt 4.1 kg
Dimensjoner 40 × 35 × 40 cm